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About Helen

Helen King is a passionate and caring qualified Naturopath and Bowen Therapist, trained in Remedial Massage and Nutrition.

She believes that food is medicine, and has special interests in Gut Health, Children’s Health, Thyroid and Autoimmunity.

Helen applies a functional medicine approach using a range of holistic techniques to help restore balance to the body and support your journey to health.

Practising from her new clinic in the heart of Ellenbrook, Helen is ready to welcome you.

How Helen Can Help

Naturopath Consultations

Personalised Medicine – Each one of us are unique, our chemistry is different and individual with inherent differences (epigenetics) due to lifestyle, exposure, diet and the environment. Along with our genetics, foods and environmental influences, mindset and emotional stressors also attribute to your overall health and wellbeing.

Naturopathy is a holistic modality bringing all the pieces together, to enable the practitioner to give you the best opportunity to thrive and bring your body back to health.

Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition is the foundation for great health. A Nutrition consultation differs from a Naturopathic consultation as here, the main focus is on how and what you eat, and how this affects your health and wellbeing. 

During this consultation, we will investigate what eating regime works best for your body. This is a great start to nourishing your body with whole foods. 

Nutrition is the first step to better health!

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that was developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia. Similar to using acupuncture and kinesiology pathways of bodywork, it utilises subtle inputs to the body (known as moves), stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly. 

Bowen can be used to treat musculoskeletal problems including acute sports injuries and chronic conditions such as asthma, hormonal issues and baby colic.

It is safe to use on any age, especially good for children.

Blogs by Helen King

Histamines, Sulphates & Glutamates – what are they?

Some people respond very differently to histamines, sulphates, glutamates and other food chemicals. It may be the amount of foods you are eating or a combination of histamine inducing reactions from the environment, along with a body burden that is causing the reaction. 

Your body is it’s own healing centre

How is everyone feeling this week? Are you feeling super charged or tired? Are you feeling sluggish or bloated? You may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Well you wont be alone in any of the above! Sometimes it does take a little time to get back to being 100%.

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